Getting Started




Karting NSW

1. Manning Valley Kart Club Membership.

Before you can start racing you will need to become a member of a kart racing club. To join the Manning Valley Kart Club you will simply need to complete a membership form. Our membership runs for a 12 month period. You can apply on-line through the NSW Karting Portal.


  • Family (Husband / Wife as drivers & drivers under 18 yrs)  -  $80.00
    Single driver (all classes)   -  $60.00
    Social membership   -  $10.00

If you are under 16 years you will need to get your parents permission.

2. Karting NSW Licence

To drive a race kart you need to apply for an KNSW License. There are a number of types available from a single event license to a full racing license. The competition license is valid for a 12-month period from the time of application. As you compete in more race meetings, you can apply to improve your driver grading and this allows you to compete in higher levels of racing pedigree. KNSW is the governing body for Kart Racing in NSW and provide the insurance for all licensed drivers and administrations from the top level. To apply for a license  go to

3. Getting the Go-Kart.

Once you have your licensing and membership completed you need to get a kart. There are a number of different chassis and engine combinations available which really depend on your budget and your age. Before you go and buy a new or second hand kart, we would recommend that you come to a race meeting and talk to the teams or visit a kart shop.

Most teams know of someone who has a second hand kart to sell and can give you some advice. Find out what you really want before your spend your money. Make sure you get in and have a drive of the Kart before you purchase. Remember, it costs nothing to ask a question. There are many brand such as OTK (times 6), Arrow (Australian - made), CRG, Birel, DR ..... the list is endless.

4. When do I race???

Every year, each club submits their race calendar to KNSW. This information is then compiled with all the rules and regulations of the association and issued to all members. Manning Valley Kart Club generally around seven times per year, however, license holders are not restricted to the Manning Valley circuit and would find a track that is racing just about every weekend in NSW. It would be best to contact one of the club members prior to attending a meeting so that they can advise you of the best time to attend and arrange to show you around our circuit.

5. How can I practice???

The Manning Valley Kart Racing Circuit is available to all members to use in accordance with the Club's Practice Policy. See Track Status - Practice page for more info.

If you have any questions or would like more info, go to the Facebook page for regular updates.